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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Medical Spas

MEDICAL SPAS are one of the new trends of the century that is just exploding.

Alexis Ufland is a Spa Consultant, here's an excerpt taken from her article:

The Medical Spa - The Next Generation of the Spa Industry

As defined by the International SPA Association, a Medical Spa is an institution whose primary purpose is to provide comprehensive medical and wellness care in an environment, which integrates spa services as well as conventional and complimentary therapies and treatments. Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons have been jumping on the bandwagon joining Day Spas and even expanding their practices to offer ‘higher level’ Spa services and care. As a consultant for the development of Medical and Day Spas, Fitness Centers and Hair Salons, I can attest that this is a welcome change to the industry.

Like a Day Spa, the Medical Spa enforces the importance of a relaxing atmosphere. Attention to detail is essential - from the color of the walls to the fabric of the robes. A soothing, comforting ambiance helps to put the client at ease for even the most uncomfortable medical procedures. However, the Medical Spa differs from a Day Spa in the following two regards. As a Medical Spa houses both a Medical and Esthetic staff under one roof, both medical and cosmetic treatments are offered within the center. Depending on the doctor(s) present, these services may range anywhere from Botox injections to Lipo-suction. Therefore, one role of the Medical Spa is a comprehensive approach to caring for the client before, during and after these procedures take place. The second distinction is, again with the presence of Western Medicine, the Medical Spa is able to use a higher-grade product and, therefore, the Spa services show greater results. A Medical Spa is the perfect balance between clinical and luxury.

The first step in creating a Medical Spa is the concept design and menu of service. With the Doctor holding the reigns, the developmental stage must include their involvement. The Doctors support of all Spa services and products is crucial to a Medical Spa’s success. The difficulty lies in creating a menu of service that is synergistic with the doctor’s way of thinking, yet still a marketable product.

Along with service selection, finding the correct ranges of products is a vital part in development of the Medical Spa concept. Pharmaceutical companies have just begun designing products solely for Medical Spas. Dermatological pharmaceutical representatives allow these new products to be offered in your spa as long as there is a Doctor on staff. Custom facial design is necessary, though, as pharmaceutical product ranges do not impart technique.


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